Cabramatta is Australia’s largest non-Anglo-Celtic commercial precinct. The population demographics are reflected by the many Vietnamese-Australian and Chinese-Australian businesses and in addition, the presence of ThaiLaoMacedonianItalian and Cambodian businesses. As a result, the suburb is considered a gourmand destination for Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese cuisines.

Australia’s largest Vietnamese community has had its share of trouble in the past, but the eats and the atmosphere have always remained great and true to tradition. Over the years, Cabramatta has grown to become a dynamic tourism hub, a dining hot spot and a place where people travel from all over, for the best south-east Asian produce that Sydney has to offer.[1]

Freedom Plaza is located within the Cabramatta CBD and forms the pedestrian mall between John Street and Arthur Street. The Pai Lau or gateway forms the main ornamental feature of Freedom Plaza and symbolises harmony and multiculturalism. The popularity of Cabramatta has placed significant pressure on the town centre’s parking facilities. The colour and excitement of the retail experience is an enchantment and wonderment to first time visitors. The current south-east Asian character of Cabramatta is the core of its success, although the centre still respectfully remembers and celebrates the other multi-cultural influences and our common membership of our great country, Australia.

Cabramatta (known locally as Cabra) gained its diverse reputation in the 1900s when it provided a safe and cheap place for migrants to relocate to. From there it grew in popularity, and became a stronghold for a variety of nationalities. Today, it is home to the largest Vietnamese population in Australia, and their influence is seen in the food, architecture and culture.




 Cabramatta became Australia’s first and largest Vietnamese community following the Vietnam War

 It developed a reputation for its street gangs, a heroin epidemic and Australia’s first political assassination

 Cabramatta comprises a main retail strip, John St, with a number of shopping arcades and commercials buildings, largely servicing the extensive Asian community

 People flock from Sydney and beyond to taste Cabramatta’s fine food

Cabramatta Moon Festival is one of Australia’s largest South-East Asian event