Visitors to Cabramatta are welcomed by the sights and sounds of families shopping for fresh food and other day to day necessities, in a retail setting tumbling beyond lease lines into colourful displays of exotic fruit and vegetables, tactile fabrics and fashion bargains to rival anything the rest of

Sydney has to offer – fulfilling what Cabramatta tourist operators have labelled as a ‘Day Trip to Asia’.


There are plenty of food stores and specialty shops that make shopping in Cabramatta an interesting change from other parts of Sydney.

The greengrocers sell all kinds of exotic fruits, vegetables, Asian herbs and spices. They are happy to explain how you can use these in your cooking for that special dish.

The food markets have everything from the traditional to the glitzy Asian junk foods.. There are also oodles of specialty shops that sell everything from trinkets and nic nacs to specialised products as well as fabrics and jewellery.

Cabramatta is a very popular destination for shopping and restaurants throughout the year. Every Sunday the CBD receives more than 15 000 visitors. The central shopping area of Cabramatta has a market-like atmosphere with many shops displaying fresh seafood, colourful fruits and vegetables.

Supermarkets stock Asian specialties with products from Japan, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and elsewhere arranged by country of origin. The many fabric, fashion and shoe shops, as well as jewellers and white good merchants attract bargain-hunters.