Despite the challenges of the current economic climate, and the impact of online shopping, Cabramatta is alive and well with distinctive physical experiences, resources, attractions, atmosphere and heritage that makes it unique in Australia and beyond.

Cabramatta Town Centre is a bustling urban retail precinct which offers locals and visitors from farther afield a unique daytime experience. Cabramatta’s special retail offer is based on the day to day needs of its local community. However the strength and depth of this offer has been recognised by metropolitan and national media, by tourism organisations and advocates, by food industry professionals and by fabric hunting enthusiasts.

The CBA was established in 1997 and has been active in local issues and activities since. The CBA is made up of people grateful for the opportunities and life they have been given, people determined to improve their local community and to provide residents and visitors with a high quality, value and unusual shopping and services offer, as well as a great place to eat, meet and to greet others.

We work together to create opportunities for business to flourish within a sustainable local economy, and see the need for a strong, reliable voice for Cabramatta accessible to all with this online presence. Our members unite with a sense of social responsibility, having a shared caring interest in the changing needs and issues of the local community . We dedicate ourselves to promote local social community wellbeing through community, cultural, leadership, representative and social activities.

Our objective for this website is to be a reliable online source of information, reliable and relevant for tourists, shoppers, residents, local businesses and the community.